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Microfluidic Senior Engineer

Job Description:
1.Responsible for the design of chip R&D projects and microfluidic chip and the research on chip process and industrialization. Assist in the R&D and test validation of in vitro diagnostic reagents.
2.Responsible for the development of technical platforms for molecular diagnostic and immunodiagnostic products with microfluidic chips as the core platform.
3.Responsible for the collation and analysis of microfluidic project related literature and research documents, design for related drawings and processing of prototypes.
4.Responsible for the experimental protocol formulation, technical research, experimental data analysis and collation and idea output of related patents for chip processing and testing.
5.Actively cooperate with related departments in R&D production operation and other related work.

1.Master degree or above, majoring in precision instrumentation, mechanical engineering, bioengineering, microelectronics, biosensor, etc.
2.Have professional background or research experience in fluid mechanics and microfluidics, etc.
3.Have background in micro and nano processing, especially microfluidic chip laboratory, MEMS, microfluidic chip design and processing research experience is preferred.
4.Proficient in using 2D and 3D drawing software (one of Solidworks/AutoCAD/L-edit) and having used microfluidic simulation software (Fluent/ANSYS/COMSOL, etc.).
5.Have good literature search and English reading skills.
6.Have strong work initiative and responsibility; being down-to-earth and stable; good at communication; have good teamwork spirit and execution.