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Microbiology Senior Engineer

Job Description:
1.Responsible for building pathogenic microorganism product development team.              
2.Participate in the registration of high-throughput sequencing projects.                   
3.Cooperate with biochemical personnel to complete the optimization and maintenance of building pathogenic microorganism database, knowledge base and analysis plug-in.                              
4.Pay attention to market dynamics and technical progress, and complete the new technology development tasks deployed by the company in a timely manner.
5.Coordinate the project progress, complete the experimental design, data analysis and problem solving and other project management affairs.

1.Degree or above in molecular biology, cell biology, bioengineering or other related fields.    
2.Proficient in conventional molecular biology techniques; familiar with and have used high-throughput sequencing technology, mastering its principles and operating procedures; familiar with the establishment of biological databases and biological letter analysis methods.       
3.Complete scientific or clinical projects with high-throughput sequencing technology as the main person in charge.  
4.Have strong learning and understanding ability, good at communication, English reading and writing.