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Reagent R&D Senior Engineer

Job Description:
1.Responsible for the research work of frontier technology. 
2.Responsible for the research and development of frontier products, research and development of frontier products and technologies according to the product requirements, including the design of the research and development plan, the implementation of the research and development process, the output of the research and development results, and the coordination of the research and development budget.
3.Responsible for the optimization and validation of platform products, design validation scheme and form validation report; optimize the design of product according to the validation result.
4.Responsible for the summary of project materials and the arrangement of intellectual property declaration materials.
5.Responsible for tracking relevant new technology development and its application in this research area.
6.Responsible for the improvement of quality system in product development engineering, ensuring that data, documents and records meet the requirements of quality management system.

1.Full-time graduate degree or above.
2.Biological engineering, biotechnology, biochemistry, immunology, microbiology and other related fields.
3.Have experience in research projects, project design, implementation and summary ; have experience in problem identification and problem solving.
4.Have experience in writing and publishing high quality research papers is preferred.
5.Have knowledge of molecular biology: PCR, enzyme digestion, electrophoresis, enzyme linkage, transformation, screening, etc.
6.Familiar with protein research related knowledge: protein expression, purification, etc.
7.Have strong sense of responsibility, strong execution, good team spirit; have good psychological quality can withstand work pressure; work practically, seriously and carefully.
8.Good at communication, coordination and have strong work organization.