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Environmental, Safety, Health and Quality Internships

Seeking Degree Programs In: Environmental Engineering, Safety Engineering, Fire Protection Engineering, Quality Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Health Physics
Does an internship focused on changing the world's energy future intrigue you? If so, we might have just the opportunity you're looking for!
Through this single application, you are considered for all internship projects related to Environmental Safety and Health Programs. Simply complete the application questions which will help us identify what knowledge and experience you already have that may be related to the preferred qualifications for each individual internship project. It is common for applicants to receive consideration for multiple projects at varying times throughout the process. Mentors will make direct contact with applicants who meet their project qualifications to share the specific details of the project. Most internships provide flexibility with start and end dates to account for varying university term schedules. We encourage early applications to increase the number of opportunities available to you.
If you are interested in other INL internship categories in addition to this one, you will need to complete the application for each of those categories as well. Most of the information you provide while completing the initial application carries over to your new applications. You will have to review your previously submitted information in each step, ensure it is complete and then click the submit button on the final step.


As the nation’s nuclear energy laboratory, INL maintains a strong safety focus. The health and safety of every employee, both on- and off-the-job, is critical to our mission. INL demonstrates world-leading safety behavior, safety performance and environmental stewardship. Below are descriptions of the type of projects a student may work on:
  • Assist with industrial health (IH) support activities provided to INL's Facilities and Site Services organization and INL's Research and Development campus. Perform industrial hygiene risk assessments within the transportation organization, develop a hazard recognition guide, perform ergonomic assessments, complete formal Exposure Assessments, conduct physical and chemical agent monitoring activities.
  • Develop and implement employee pollution prevention outreach campaigns. Help achieve pollution prevention and sustainability goals.
  • Learn and understand the intricate processes and robust nature of Radiological Controls Dosimetry to include internal (direct and indirect) and external.
  • Assess drinking water and/or wastewater system and operational compliance with state and federal regulations, and company policies and procedures. Assigned tasks in the hazardous waste or air quality areas.
  • Support the Office of Nuclear Assurance staff in direct inspection/oversight activities at hazard 1, 2, and 3 nuclear facilities. Review safety basis documents such as calculations, drawings, procurement, component work history, procedures, and regulatory requirements.
  • Support INL Quality Assurance (QA) staff in construction oversight activities such as: project design and contractor review; assuring key aspects of drawings, specification and code are incorporated into inspection plans and evaluating subcontractor performance.
  • Support the Quality and Performance Management Division as a Welding/Quality Inspector intern. Complete non-destructive testing inspections. Develop welding procedures, qualification of procedures and special tasks.
  • Review ATR Safety Analysis Report to identify all referenced documents for RELAP analysis and properly organize RELAP input files which support the analyses.
  • Develop alternate alpha release limits for personal contamination monitors at MFC’s non-alpha facilities. Data manipulation, radiological spectrum generation, alpha-beta/gamma ratios will all be used to develop this technical basis.
  • Support Senior Fire Protection Engineers in their day to day activities such as inspection of fire systems and support of customer concerns. Perform plant wide fire barrier assessments and developing/populating a fire wall database.