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Advanced Transportation Technology Internships

Seeking Degree Programs In: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Chemical Engineering, and Energy Engineering
Does an internship focused on changing the world's energy future intrigue you? If so, we might have just the opportunity you're looking for!
Through this single application, you are considered for all internship projects related to Advanced Transportation Technology. Simply complete the application questions which will help us identify what knowledge and experience you already have that may be related to the preferred qualifications for each individual internship project. It is common for applicants to receive consideration for multiple projects at varying times throughout the process. Mentors will make direct contact with applicants who meet their project qualifications to share the specific details of the project. Most internships provide flexibility with start and end dates to account for varying university term schedules. We encourage early applications to increase the number of opportunities available to you.
If you are interested in other INL internship categories in addition to this one, you will need to complete the application for each of those categories as well. Most of the information you provide while completing the initial application carries over to your new applications. You will have to review your previously submitted information in each step, ensure it is complete and then click the submit button on the final step.


Researchers in INL's Advanced Transportation group are keeping people moving through their work in bioenergy, hydrogen and fuel cells, energy storage, advanced vehicles, real-time electric grid simulation and data analysis. Below are descriptions of the type of projects a student may work on:
  • Research biomass feedstock to improve the process of transforming raw biomass from the field into liquid transportation fuels. Work closely with researchers and customers to turn biofuel concepts into economically and commercially scalable processes.
  • Work on hydrogen fuel cell power production, crafting potential for cleaner and more efficient power production. Study diverse energy resources, such as wind, solar and nuclear, that could generate hydrogen fuel for vehicles.
  • Investigate battery test packs and charging systems for research into battery efficiency and longevity. Research promotes the “cars of the future” to “the cars of now.”
  • Work on modeling and co-simulation of hybrid energy systems in a real-time environment for dynamic and transient studies. Develop and validate high-fidelity models for electrical, mechanical, and control system components from the perspective of dynamic and transient electrical-thermal co-simulations. Co-simulations would include models of electrical-thermal systems as well as some hardware-in-the-loop setup in a real-time environment.
  • Perform diagnostics and prognostics on sophisticated Li-ion and Li metal batteries. Project includes both data analysis and hands-on experimental work aimed at advancing knowledge of battery performance and optimization. Assist in experimental setup, data collection and processing to understand the response of batteries to acoustic signals.
  • Conduct literature review on material uses in high temperature and fuel cell applications, product specifications for rare earths and other metals and material characterization of vehicles and electronics.