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Project Engineer

Based on supplied and developed engineering detail; perform calculations, draft CAD drawings and transfer engineering data to aid field staff and craft to make required equipment modifications/install new equipment. Develop RFI's, FCO's, Schedule, and communicate necessary information to client, field craft, subcontractors, and vendors as necessary. Market served is heavy industrial construction. Equipment or materials typically encountered include but are not limited to pressure vessels, piping systems or structural steel.
  1. Mobilize to site and work from temporary facilities for protracted periods of time to ensure expected results.
  2. Manages his/her day-to-day assignment for timely task completion.
  3. Incorporate safety and environmental responsibility into daily personal actions.
  4. Develop Requests for Information, Field Change Orders, and their logs as directed by the Site PM.
  5. Interpret design/drawings and specifications to develop a comprehensive understanding of project execution plan, identify critical areas requiring increased oversight, identify items that are non-conforming to job requirements, and supply pertinent information to crafts installing materials.
  6. Prepare drawings and sketches to support construction work, change orders, estimates, etc.
  7. Acquire as-built data through field measurement as required to assess existing equipment in preparation for replacement or planned modifications.
  8. Provide necessary building control lines, demolition and final cut lines, elevation lines, or part alignment lines as needed for accurate measurement and correct installation of materials.
  9. Establish a benchmark coordinate system for total station equipment which will be used to tie in various locations of the site with one another.
  10. Visit fabrication shops to conduct quality assurance walk-down prior to material arriving on-site. This includes the use of Total Station and other measurement tools to ensure proper fabrication.
  11. Archive and maintain project documents per Nooter Management System, NMS, procedures as directed by the Site PM.
  12. Research and recommend resolutions to drawing interpretation problems, conflicts, interference, and errors.
  13. Work with the assigned Rigging Engineer completing field measurements for crane placements and provide technical support and direction to implement rigging plans when necessary. Layout of crane locations.
  14. Prepare and disseminate required documentation records, such as status reports, punch lists for uncompleted work, red-line drawings of completed work, material requirement calculations, etc., to appropriate staff or customer personnel.
  15. Collaborate with customer or their engineering company, subcontract, staff or craft personnel on daily basis to actively manage the work performed to ensure successful completion of the project.
  16. Create and audit Engineering Document Files Logs.
  17. Assist with inventory, perform inspection of customer supplied material and equipment for compliance with job requirements as received on the jobsite and when necessary purchase Nooter Construction supplied materials.
  18. Conduct regular walk-downs and inspections of construction projects, including safety audits, to ensure compliance with O.S.H.A., customer and project specifications.
  19. Cross-train with other departments to develop a thorough understanding of their purpose, procedures, responsibilities, and requirements to operate effectively.
  20. Serves as a team member at Client meetings as directed by the Site PM.
  21. Participate as an active participant in post-project analysis meetings on completion of assignment.
  22. Develop a thorough understanding of applicable codes required for the completion of the project.
  23. Proactively work with the Safety Department, monitoring Site Safety Compliance, this may include presenting safety-related information to Craft Safety meetings.
  24. Assist other site staff members in the completion of their assigned tasks.
  25. Assist in developing and updating P6 project schedule.
Required skills:
  • Transfer engineering data into workable information for field staff and craft.
  • Ability to build strong relationships with staff and craft.
  • Ability to complete accurate takeoff of related work, use project labor rates, and analyze schedule impact to develop Field Change Orders for client approval.
  • Proficient with traditional and software-based survey & layout equipment (i.e. plumb bob, tape measure, builder/laser level, total station, etc.)
  • In-depth understanding of Boilermaker/Pipefitter tooling and processes (i.e. torch cutting, welding, rigging, etc.)
  • Clearly communicate and, at times, direct craft on field installation (i.e. demo locations, installation tolerances, etc.
  • Adequate in developing and maintaining P6 Schedule.
Education: Bachelor's Degree in any of the following Engineering Disciplines: Mechanical, Civil, Structural or Construction Management course of studies that included CAD.
Experience: Minimum 2 years as a Field Engineer
  • Employee is required to relocate to one or more nationwide jobsite locations with length of assignment dependent on project duration. Periods of relocation could total 85% to 100% of annual employment. Employee is eligible to receive trips home at scheduled intervals with paid travel expenses.
Environmental/Atmospheric Conditions:
  • Employee is subject to inside and outside conditions, including high and low ambient temperatures.
  • Employee is subject to hazards of operating at elevated levels.
  • Employee may occasionally wear a respirator or fall protection harness and lanyard.
  • Employee will occasionally be subject to noise levels above 85 decibels and will be required to wear ear protection.