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Big Data R&D engineer

Job responsibility:
1. Responsible for the construction of big data analysis platform, data analysis and mining
2. Responsible for offline and real-time flow analysis based on Baidu data
3. Participate in the construction of data models supporting business and the calculation and analysis of data indicators
4. Participated in the establishment of massive data storage, query and operation data analysis system
5. Use Hadoop, Spark, ES and other distributed computing and storage platforms

1. Fresh graduates majoring in computer science
2. Have an in-depth understanding of Spark and Hadoop technologies
3. Familiar with Python/Java/Scala/Php and other programming languages, proficient in USING SQL, have good coding habits and have a deep understanding of distribution
4. Familiar with the principles of Windows, Unix, Linux and other mainstream operating systems, proficient in using the system layer to support application development
5. With broad technical vision, strong self-motivation and thirst for knowledge, good at learning and applying new knowledge, and brave in solving difficult problems
6. Good at communication and logical expression, excellent ability to analyze and solve problems, good team spirit and proactive communication awareness
7. Passionate, self-driven and committed to excellence
8. Chinese can be used as the working language(written & oral)
The following conditions are preferred:
1. Awards in programming contests related to the computer field, publish articles in professional journals or have invention patents, etc
2. Experienced in big data cloud platform, computing storage platform and visual development platform, familiar with software engineering development process
3. The computer in the field of professional knowledge and skills: Storm/Hive/Hbase/Storm/Kafka, etc