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Quantum Researcher

Job responsibility:
1. Responsible for the research of quantum algorithms or quantum architecture. Provide additional technical support for the design and implementation of quantum algorithms
2. Optimize the specific quantum computer algorithm and its architecture
3. In-depth investigation and research: Trends and developments in computer science, quantum information and quantum computing; good at summarizing and analyzing, and providing reliable technical routes for the development of relevant technologies

1. Major in quantum physics, cross science and mathematics is preferred
2. Have scientific research experience in quantum field (quantum information, quantum computing, quantum simulation and quantum artificial intelligence, etc.), and have unique and innovative views on its development and related technologies
3. Proficient in scientific research, reading and writing. Good at explaining and stating technical details and opinions
4. Good communication skills, able to discuss products with technicians, users, etc. Can adapt to the intensity of scientific research work requirements. With excellent learning ability, I am full of expectation for unknown fields
5. Ability to think logically and analyze problems clearly
6. Passion for scientific research and technology, perseverance for work and career, patience for changes and challenges in work.  
7. Chinese can be used as the working language(written & oral)