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Machine Learning/Data Mining/NLP Engineer

Job responsibility:
1. Research cutting-edge technologies in data mining or statistical learning, and apply them to solving and optimizing practical problems.
2. Research and parallelization of large-scale machine learning algorithms, and develop core technologies for various large-scale machine learning applications
3. Through keen insight into the data, deeply dig out the potential value and demand of products, so as to provide more valuable products and services, and promote product growth Through technological innovation

1. Love the Internet, have a strong interest in technology research and application, have a strong ambition and thirst for knowledge, good at learning and applying new knowledge
2. Theoretical background and practical experience in one or more of the following fields: machine learning/data mining/deep learning/information retrieval/natural language processing/mechanism design/game theory
3. Proficient in at least one programming language, familiar with network programming, multi-threading, distributed programming technology, have a deep understanding of data structure and algorithm design
4. Good logical thinking ability, sensitive to data, able to find key data and grasp core issues
5. Strong communication and logical expression skills, good team work spirit and proactive communication awareness.                     6. Chinese can be used as the working language(written & oral)
The following conditions are preferred:
1. Theoretical background and practical experience in one or more of the following areas, including machine learning/deep learning/intensive learning/natural language processing/recommendation systems/information retrieval, etc
2. Have a deep understanding of the principles of common machine learning components (fully connected neural network, CNN, etc.), and at least 1 year of experience in machine learning related projects or research
3. Proficient in common data structures and algorithms
4. familiar with JAVA/C++ and other languages programming, have some programming experience
5. Proficient in at least one scripting language, such as Python, Linux shell, etc
6. Familiar with Linux operating system, capable of working on Linux operating system
7. Proficient in SQL language for common database operation
8. Strong sense of responsibility, teamwork spirit and ability, and strong problem solving ability
9. Familiar with mass data processing, optimization algorithms, distributed computing or high-performance parallel computing, with relevant project experience.