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Personal Education Advisor (Business Product Manager Track)

*Please Note: This position requires Mandarin proficiency.

Thinktown America, the American-based division of Thinktown Education, is seeking a motivated Personal Education Advisor (Business Product Manager Track) to work full-time in our New York office. The responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
·      General support for educational products: 
o Conducts market research, in consideration with existing product categories 
o Assists with the design of workflow, designation of personnel, and coordinating strategies 
o Creates and maintain timeline, communications, goals, and progress of the product 
o Evaluates and monitors project progress and collects regular project feedback 
o Lead all phases of the product development and provide support for any ad-hoc projects 
·      Research and data analysis 
o Understands business objectives and designs surveys to discover prospective customers’ preferences 
o Performs data analysis and visualization based on research, and creates presentations and reports to teams 
·      Workflow 
o Understands product requests, designs operational workflow for products that could accommodate various functional teams, tracks, analyzes, reports, and forecasts project shortfalls and metrics 
·      Communications:  
o Helps gather, analyze and communicates requirements and changes to business procedures with relevant stakeholders to make sure that the project objectives are achieved 

Current employee benefits and perks include, but are not limited to:
·      Competitive medical, vision, and dental insurance packages
·      Commuter benefits plus supplemental insurance plans
·      Flexible working hours, five sick days, and two weeks of paid vacation
·      Fun team-bonding activities and events
·      Potential travel opportunities to Chinese offices

The ideal candidate applying for this position should have:
·      A minimum of bachelor’s degree 
·      A fast learner and a problem solver 
·      Basic knowledge of or the willingness to learn project management and strategy 
·      Experience with or interest in working with a multicultural team that’s spread out across various time zones 
·      Strong organizational and analytical skills, and can work multiple tasks simultaneously in a fast-paced environment  
·      Exceptional communication skills and social awareness
·      You don't need your hand held as you work — you're self-motivated, well organized, and you have the analytical skills that allow you to make difficult decisions thoughtfully 
·      You love to collaborate and don't view any task as "too small" 
·      You take pride in what you do 
·      Fluency in Mandarin and English is required  
Company Overview
Opened in 2009, THINKTOWN Education is an international organization that provides one-stop education solutions for students in grades 6-12. We specialized in the services like test preparation, academic improvement, and holistic educational development and consulting, particularly for students who are currently studying or planning to study at institutions of higher education in the United States. Over the past ten years we have served over 22,000 students and their families in more than 2,200 schools worldwide.

Thinktown’s Multi-Role System: Background and Company Culture
With two headquarters in New York City and Hangzhou, and four satellite offices in New Jersey, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, Thinktown now has more than 600 full-time employees globally, about 30 of them locate in New York and New Jersey. Given that Thinktown is still in a start-up period in the US and is growing rapidly, we are expecting every newly join employee to take multiple roles and develop all-round capabilities, while at the same time offering them more opportunities and choices for their career development and help them become future leaders in the company and the industry.
This Multi-Role System is also a product of our highly-collaborative Company Culture. At Thinktown, we view our team as a football team and everyone acts as a team player, our success is based on everyone’s responsibility for their own part and also the willingness to share with and help other team members.
Thinktown’s Multi-Role System: Overview
As a Personal Education Advisor, you will focus on a particular track as indicated in the job posting title, at the same time, you will also act as one or more of these 14 roles as described below, according to personal conditions and company needs.
1.ES: Edit application essays and school academic essays with students
2.BS: Brainstorm application essays and school academic essays with students
3.Sales: Research and prepare materials for sales pitches to students and their parents, provide students and their parents with consultancy session and sell thinktown products
4.Tutor: Conduct lectures and training sessions either online or in person
5.Supervisor: Course arrangement and follow-up
6.Consulting Associate of Education (CAE): Provide high level college application and career planning counseling to students which includes: (1)School and major selection, daily communication and follow-up with students and parents, phased application material collection and collation (2)Course selection guidance (3)English-test planning and counseling (4)Academic competition planning and counseling (5)Extracurricular activities design, planning and follow up
7.Curriculum Practice Specialist (CPS): Provide high and middle level college application and career planning counseling to students which includes: (1)School and major selection, daily communication and follow-up with students and parents, phased application material collection and collation, application status follow-up, application tables fill-in, visa guidance (2)Course selection guidance (3)English-test planning and counseling, English-writing tutoring, mock interview (4)Academic competition planning and counseling (5)Extracurricular activities design, planning and follow up (6)Information research, students’ information collection and collation
8.Personal Education Advisor (PEA): Provide top-level planning of educational goals, family education counseling, youth mental health counseling and American society and culture consulting
9.Instructional Designer: Design client-tailored education curricula and programs, provide professional consultations to prospective clients, work with other Instructional Designers and Product Managers to define the scope of learning experiences, clarify learning objectives, timelines, and projected outcomes.
10.Business Product Manager (BPM): Support one or part of an educational product, which may involve conducting market research, writing product handbook, coordinating strategies, monitoring project progress and collecting regular product feedback
11.Global Event Coordinator: Help coordinate both internal and external events; Support building and adhering to an event budget to avoid project overruns; Coordinate and maintain external relationships with students, parents, and event partners
12.Content Strategy Specialist: Co-manage Thinktown’s media accounts and platforms (Wechat, Facebook, Offical website) and optimize content, plan and write for account articles especially for Wechat; Design marketing content for our main products
13.Essay Management Coordinator: Ensure the quality of application essays and relevant documents through our online essay platform (Help improve the platform if needed); Facilitate the communication between different parties (clients, consultants, and editing specialists) regarding essay quality
14.Arts Management Coordinator: Assist in managing art products and programs which may include courses, art-related events and art-related counseling
Thinktown’s Multi-Role System: Example
Employee A is in Business Product Manager track, 70% of his time is spent on a specific education product development which is “1V2 VIP online course”, as he is also interested in BS and CPS role, he also does brainstorm with students for 20% of his time and provides college application and career planning counseling to students for 10% of his time.

To apply for this position, please click the link here and fill out the required information to complete your application. Please indicate your preferred roles in the application form.
Thinktown America is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all employees.

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