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Game Designer - 2021 Start

1. Familiar with various tools for game development through your fast learning ability, master various development specifications and processes, and become a game designer from the ground up who can turn imagination into reality;
2. Use rigorous logic to summarize, classify, analyze, and disassemble. You will be able to represent the abstract gameplay mechanism design theory as high-quality numerical modeling, system rules, and level content;
3. Use rich and delicate words to express emotions, make game products a carrier of consciousness and culture, and make the game world an art that has impact on the soul of players;
4. With the insistence and high requirements for the game, participate in the entire process of a game from project establishment to prototype, from launch to operation, and promote the steady and excellent progress of the game R&D team;
5. With endless game passion, continue to experience the games on the market, continue to follow the development path of the game market, keep up with the times, break stereotypes, and lead the trend of game design with innovation.

1. Fresh graduates in 2021 with bachelor degrees or above and excellent comprehensive quality, without restriction on major;
2. Much higher gaming experience than peers, including but not limited to console games, mobile games, and PC games; those with a large number of free game recharge payment experiences are preferred, Steam or console cassettes holding more than 100 are preferred, and high ranking players in the ladder tournament are preferred;
3. Have good logical thinking and comprehensive analysis skills. Team communication and collaboration skills are also essential;
4. Keep eager for knowledge, willing to understand new things, keep up with current events, enjoy reading, watch movies and animations;
5. Have a strong interest in game design and a strong willingness to create high-quality content;
6. Please attach your personal work when submitting your resume. Whether it is a game design or an analysis report.

Working visa and housing allowance are provided

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